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The management system of Omnilab warehouses complies with GSDP (Good Storage & Distribution Practice), Cold Chain and ISO 9001:2015 standards. Our warehouses are centrally located in Beirut to help provide fast and efficient distribution all over Lebanon. We continuously invest in technology and in human resources, to maintain the quality, availability, and efficient delivery of our products. We are proud to mention that our warehouses encompass the following:

  • Extreme Hygiene levels in all operations.

  • Control and management of the temperature and humidity for every area.

  • Qualified refrigerated rooms (+2 to +8°C) and controlled ambient areas (+15 to +25°C).

  • Special storage zones (-20°C).

  • Controlled drugs vaults.

  • Precise, safe and well organized sorting, assembling, kit building and labeling.

  • ERP to have full control of the operation and to allow recalls if the need arises

  • Contingency plans for recovery in case of accidents or disasters.

  • High security standards in ways of video monitoring, and personnel access management.

Omnilab Warehousing
Omnilab Warehousing service excellence


Omnilab provides a sophisticated, efficient, and effective delivery system. In addition to world-class storage facilities, our private fleet of delivery personnel and vehicles makes us leaders in what we do. We control every detail in our delivery operation from sorting, packing and loading, to delivering the products to their destinations. Here are some of the features of our delivery system:

  • We record the movement of the goods, to accelerate the circulation and increase the precision of delivery.

  • We train continuously our personnel to avoid errors and maximize effectiveness.

  • We own our private fleet of vehicles

  • Every vehicle has an insulated and refrigerated cabin, and carries portable ‘temperature controlled' containers.

  • Every vehicle is equipped with a GPS system to monitor movement and location.

  • Delivery orders are monitored electronically, using specific apparatus, and specially designed computer programs, to ensure quality in regards to time and temperature.

  • Emergency deliveries to hospitals and pharmacies are available at any time.

Omnilab Delivery
Omnilab Delivery service excellence
Customer Relations

Customer Relations

Omnilab’s Customer Relations department is highly appreciated by customers thanks to the care and devotion each team member offers.
We use the latest technology to help organize, automate, and synchronize our services to provide the best customer support.
The aim of our devoted professionals is to ensure the continuous availability of our products in all pharmacies and hospitals.
Regular visits to our customers to listen to their needs and suggestions allows us to continuously improve our services.

Omnilab Customer Relations
Omnilab Customer Relations service excellence
Technical Support

Technical Support

Omnilab’s expert team is composed by application specialists and engineers. They offer high value solutions to health care professionals to improve patient care. Their objective is to ensure that the equipment’s are well maintained and to provide the best and timely aftersales service. By doing preventive maintenance and on call interventions, they aim to always have the most accurate results.
The team is constantly trained by our suppliers to stay up to date with the new techniques and technologies.

Omnilab Technical Support
Omnilab Technical Support service excellence
Quality and Regulatory

Quality and Regulatory

Our quality department’s objective is to ensure the proper training and implementation of all our internal procedures. They identify and analyze Quality, Safety, Security, Health and Environment risks and opportunities and build the appropriate action plan to remedy it.

Omnilab Quality and Regulatory
Omnilab Quality and Regulatory service excellence